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Channel Keywords Last Search
earthquake ecuador, kumamoto, #地震, 2016, japan, powerful, kills, dead, killed 04/17/16 13:58Z
nSA surveillance web, video, state, #pri va cy, police, government, camera, fbi, security 12/06/16 15:24Z
syria isis, obama, russia, syrian, troops, halloween, russian, status, putin 11/02/15 11:22Z
wikiLeaks لمراسلتي هنا, مقيمة, ترغب, مطلقة, فرنسا, لبنانية, تبحث, مقيم, زواج 08/02/16 15:51Z
cyberwar cyberwarbooks, guide, information, russian, ransom, power, #ddos, russia, north 12/06/16 17:33Z
conflict guns #shootatweet, brooklyn, pittsburgh, stanton, 12/01/16 08:46Z
explosions noises, sprinkler, hair, 01/26/15 03:17Z
oppression year, status, world, women, school, action, case, high, stop 06/25/15 07:16Z
protests ukraine, kiev, google, ukrainian, police, killed, opposition, texas, government 01/23 15:48Z
truth, justice, american way (new)
peace, love, happiness heart, smile, justin, life, girl, music, bash mary, feel, thought 01/23 18:09Z
reportage video, sex, game, report, police, sideline, winner #emmy, globo, update 09/14 00:45Z

Old School News Update
Channel Keywords Last Search
american news trump, donald, clinton, post, khan, mccain, police, wife, campaign 08/01/16 20:40Z
british news china, clinton, report, police, oct, britain, iran, data, state 10/22/15 16:29Z
french news #begeek, #so foot, #le p oint, #re zonet, #cnet, régionales, apple, premier, vidéo 12/15/15 04:09Z
arabic news على, video, إلى, الشباب, #مصر, بعد, البرلماني الدولي, #القاهرة, محمد 10/23/16 17:36Z

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